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There it is - the LIPSTICK - COOLER CoCon.
A little bag cooler that ts in everywhere and protects your lipstick effciently from high temperatures.

CoCon will become your constant companion! While doing sports, travelling, being on holidays, relaxing on the beach or at the pool or going shopping in the city on a hot summer's day, CoCon will perfectly protect your lipstick during all these activities. Manufactured from high-quality synthetic material and filled with a special cooling gel, CoCon offers you a unique solution now.

Just leave it in the freezer for a couple of hours and CoCon is ready for use. Insert the lipstick into the bag of the LIPSTICK-COOLER and screw the two parts of the COOLER together. CoCon will protect your lipstick for approx. 4 to 6 hours against high temperatures and will ensure that the consistency and quality of your lipstick remains unaffected.
Similar to other thermal containers, the contents of CoCon will still remain cool for some hours even if the coolant has already thawed completely, due to the air in the intermediate layer of the sleeve.

CoCon is fitted with a fastener and can easily be attached to your sports or bath bag. Its stylish design will turn your bag into a real eye-catcher at the same time.

The shape of CoCon's interior bag is adjustable for all customary lipstick products and you can also modify it to accommodate and protect high-quality fluids, creams or medicines.
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